Dec 17 2022

Top Energy Technology Startup

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Dec 10, '22 — MicroSilicon once again recognized for excellence in innovation, this time by Energy Technology Review who finalized MicroSilicon's nomination as the US Top Energy Technology Startup of 2022.

To quote the magazine: 'Even though MicroSilicon has been in business for only three years, it already has a global footprint with operations in four countries. Since there aren’t many small startups with a global presence, MicroSilicon’s work is indeed commendable. By taking care of its customers and easing operator difficulties, MicroSilicon has proven itself to be a key facilitator of efficiency in the energy sector.'

About MicroSilicon
MicroSilicon is the world's innovation leader for real-time fluid characterization using electromagnetic and quantum chemical technology at the wellhead and for which they won, or have been nominated for, multiple industry awards, including Rice Alliance Startup, SPE ATCE Best-in-Show, World Oil (twice), iChemE, ADIPEC (twice) and most recently S&P Global Energy. They are now developing a range of flow assurance products and services as well as miniaturization of downhole sensing microchips.


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